Grab Your Pup And Lace Up Your Shoes For The 2018 Pup Run

Pup Run

There’s a funny thing you should know about pets. They love to exercise. Humans can feel a little blah about running, but pets can’t get enough. Even the “out of shape” pets enjoy running around with their friends. Give your pet just what he wants by signing up for the Pup Run Denver. This pet-friendly 5k will be on Oct. 20 from 8 a.m. to noon, and tickets are $25 per human. Pets get to run for free. It’ll be at great Lawn Park in Denver, and it’s going to be the best pet-friendly event of the season. Go ahead and tell Fido he’s going to get to run around Denver with his buddies. He’ll be bursting with excitement.

There are a couple of rules. Your dog needs to be on a nonretractable leash, and you can only run with a single dog. If you follow those rules, you’ll get to have the time of your life with your furry friend. Check out some reasons why you need to attend the 2018 Pup Run.

You and Your Pup Will Make New Friends

When you attend the Pup Run, you’ll get to meet all kinds of dog lovers…and their pups. Just imagine how happy your furry friend will be when he has a list of new friends that want to hang out. Get some numbers and schedule running or play dates. Your pup will be so excited about making so many new furry friends.

You’ll Get Motivated to Run

You know that running has all kinds of health benefits. It lowers your stress level, gets you in better shape, and so much more. The only problem is, you lack motivation. When you take a run with your pup, you’ll get that boost of motivation you need. Simply seeing him having so much fun will motivate you to take him running on a regular basis. That means both you and your pup will get healthier.

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Your Dog Will Be More Obedient

Your dog doesn’t act out because he wants to. He does it because he’s got some energy to burn. This event will help him burn that energy, and he’ll become the best-behaved dog on the block. When you see that, you’ll want to take him out over and over again.

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