Grab A Group Of Friends And Try These Denver Breweries

Denver Breweries

Looking for the best brew in Denver? You are tired of standard beers and want something a little different. Well, these Denver breweries have you covered. They know how to deliver when it comes to making fresh and frothy beer, so check them out the next time you want a drink.

Alternation Brewing Company

So, how did the Alternation Brewing Company get its name? Well, it’s all about alternating beers. The brewmasters don’t really have an interest in creating a flagship brew. Instead, they enjoy tackling new styles on a regular basis, so you never know what you might find here.

This place has a really cool atmosphere. There are three distinct seating areas at the brewery, and each one offers a unique experience. Belly up to the bar or grab a table by a brewing tank. You can also head out to the enclosed patio.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Love German lager? Check out the Bierstadt Lagerhaus. Just as the name implies, this brewery is all about its lager. That’s all it does, and it does it well. Saturdays are the best day to visit this brewery. That’s when it offers beer and cheese pairings. The pairings only cost $10 and include a full liter of beer and some cheese. There is actually a person on hand who pairs the cheese, and he will explain the selections to you.

Keep in mind that the Bierstadt Lagerhaus is in a shared location. It can be a bit confusing when you first walk in, but just go upstairs, and you’ll find the brewery.

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New Image Brewing

New Image Brewing is seriously one of the coolest breweries around. This brewery features many of its own beers and also has a guest tap list. This list includes beers from other breweries just in case you don’t want what the brewery has on tap. Now, you probably won’t make it to the guest brew tap list, seeing as though this brewery has some amazing beers. It has some really unique options, and the bartender will happily help you pick one. Add in some food as well. The fish tacos are seriously on point.

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