Catch a Game at Coors Field

Coors Field

The flowers are starting to bloom, and the baseball players are getting ready for the new season. That’s right. Major league baseball season is almost here, so it won’t be long before your beloved Colorado Rockies converge on Coors Field. The Rockies’ home opener is on April 6 against the Braves. They’ll play a three-game series against Atlanta before welcoming the Padres for another three games. Get your tickets so you can join in on the fun.

In the meantime, check out some reasons that you should see the Rockies play at home this season.

The Offense

Some say it’s the light Colorado air, while others argue that it’s all about Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado. Those guys could probably hit it out of any stadium. It doesn’t really matter why balls fly out of the park. It just matters that they do over and over again.

It’s not just home runs, either. The offense is better in Coors Field. From the singles to the long ball, it’s hard to get the Rockies out. Anyone who says baseball is boring just needs to watch a game here. It’s anything but boring.

The Nolan Arenado Show

Any Rockies fan knows Nolan Arenado isn’t just about the bat. This guy is the best third baseman in the game, hands down. Yes, that includes Chicago’s wonder kid Kris Bryant. Bryant is slick with the bat and is flexible enough to change positions, moving from third base to left field with ease. Still, no one can handle the hot corner like Arenado. He makes defense cool again. If you think those plays look great on TV, come to the stadium. You might throw your nachos in excitement.

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Wade Davis

There are countless Cubs fans shaking their fists toward the Rocky Mountains, grumbling about the closer that got away. This will be Davis’ first year in a Rockies uniform, and if he can play anywhere near the level he did in Chicago, it’s going to be an insane year for the team. He is the dominant closer of the day, putting Aroldis Chapman to shame. This guy doesn’t just throw heat and dare batters to hit it. Sure, he has good velocity, but he’s a pitcher – not a thrower.

Here’s to hoping our Rockies are winners this year. You can come out a winner anyway though if you pick up a new set of wheels from Mike Shaw Subaru in Thornton, Colorado. Our vehicles are perfect for all your travels, so pick one up and head out to the game.

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