Get Your Tickets For The Chicken Fight Festival 2019 Now

Chicken Fight Festival 2019

It seems like there’s always something going on in the Denver area but rarely do you get to experience something as exciting as the Chicken Fight Festival 2019. This is a food festival for all the ages, and it’s back this year and better than ever. Some of the best chefs in the area are going to go head-to-head to see who can truly make the best fried chicken. And the best part? You get to taste it for yourself. This year’s festival should be more exciting than ever, so you’ll want to buy your tickets soon. After all, this is a pretty hot event.

Chicken Fight Festival 2019 Details

Wondering when this year’s Chicken Fight Festival is taking place? You can catch it on Thursday, May 23. It will begin at 6 p.m. at Industry Denver, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re not late. Expect the fun and festivities to continue until about 10 p.m.

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Get Your Tickets Today

You need tickets to attend this exciting event, and you’ll want to learn about the different options available before you make your choice. A general admission ticket will cost you $60. With that, you’ll get unlimited chicken and cocktail tastings, plus tastings of some of the best bourbon and spirits you’ve ever tried. If you choose a First Taste Tier 2 ticket, you’ll get all of that plus early entry, which is when you can get an exclusive taste of wings. They cost $80. First Taste Tier 3 tickets also provide you with early cocktail tastings with your wings and only costs $85, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider. Of course, you can also go for a VIP experience, where you’ll get unlimited tastings as well as the opportunity to try some of the best chicken dishes from local chefs. VIP tickets come in at $120.

No matter which ticket option you choose, one thing is for sure: you are going to enjoy some delicious chicken and cocktails when you come out.

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