Don’t Miss The Denver Beer Fest This Month

Denver Beer Fest

Beer. Cold one. Brewski. Draft. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but you sure can enjoy it at the Denver Beer Fest. The tenth annual festival will take place all over Denver from Sept. 14 to 22. During this week-long festival, you can enjoy more than 100 events, and each one will be related to beer. There’ll be everything from rare beer tappings to brewer talks.

That’s all fun, but the biggest event will be the tail end of the festival. That’s when the Great American Beer Festival takes place at the Colorado Convention Center. It’s put on by the Brewers Association, and it is the biggest beer competition in the entire United States. Tickets range from $70 to $160 for beer drinkers, while designated drivers can pick up a ticket for $30.

The Brews

Just what makes a beer festival the biggest one in the country? How about 800 breweries and 3,500 plus types of beer? Yeah, that should do it.

Fortunately, these beers aren’t just judged by the pros. There will also be tasting sessions throughout the festival. That means you can try an assortment of the beers. Which one do you think will be your favorite? You might be surprised. You will get introduced to new styles of beer and might walk away with a new favorite brew.

Welcome to the Haze Craze

The Brewers Association made a major change to its Beer Style Guidelines earlier this year. It finally added juicy and hazy brews to the guidelines. That means these brews will be at the festival for the first time this year. Brewers can finally win medals for these beers. The competition is going to be stiff, though. It has more entries than any other category, riding on the popularity of the haze craze.

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Meet Your Heroes

Do you have a brewing hero? It’s the guy or gal who creates your favorite beer. You would love to shake that person’s hand, and you might be able to at the festival. It’s not unusual to get served a beer by the actual brewer. This is a fun way to meet your brewing heroes.

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