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Challenge Yourself At Denver Escape Room

Denver Escape Room
Denver Escape Room

Are you the type of person who can solve a mystery? Do you excel at teamwork and puzzles? If so, test your skills at Denver Escape Room. You can choose from five escape rooms, including a competitive room where you will compete against another team. Get the details on Denver Escape Room and get ready to show people that you’re a detective in disguise.

The Rooms

Denver Escape Room has some cool rooms available. You can go back to Ancient China, work as a pirate on the high seas, find a mystical creature in a mysterious bookshop, look for a lost girl, or help a dystopian society restore power.

If you’re super competitive, you’ll want to head directly to the dystopian society. It’s called the PipeWorks, and up to ten people can participate. You’ll be divided into two teams, and it’ll be a race to the finish. Can you beat the other team and save the world?

Ask for Clues

Escape rooms are not simple affairs. You have to solve a bunch of puzzles to get out, and you might find yourself stuck a time or two. That’s OK because you can ask for clues.

A staff member will watch you through a camera the entire time, and if you need a clue, he or she will provide it. Just don’t get greedy. Only ask for clues if you truly need them. Try it on your own first, and if you absolutely cannot figure it out, ask for the clue. Keep in mind you’re limited to three clues, though, so don’t use them all at the beginning.

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Don’t Worry – That Door Doesn’t Really Lock

You love the idea of going to an escape room, but there is just one issue.

You’re claustrophobic.

The idea of being locked in a room is almost too much to take. Don’t worry, though. You aren’t really locked in. You can get out at any time, but don’t just open that door. Wait until you solve the last clue so you can get the key or the lock number. That’s the only way to win.

You’ll have to solve some puzzles at Denver Escape Room, but it’s not puzzling when it comes to picking out a new ride. You know you want a Subaru, and you also know that Mike Shaw Subaru in Thornton, Colorado, can help. Whether you want a Subaru Crosstrek or another model, come visit us and pick up the Subaru of your dreams.

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