Explore the Balistreri Vineyards

Balistreri Vineyards

So, you’re a wine lover – who can blame you? But when it comes to good wine, you can’t get the best stuff at your local grocery store. Instead, you need to buy it from the best. You can easily do that when you visit the Balistreri Vineyards in Denver, Colorado. This is seriously some of the best wine in the state, and you absolutely have to try it out for yourself. Visit the vineyards and try a glass or go home with a whole bottle. Once you’ve had one sip, you’ll want to come back to these vineyards again and again.

Hand-Harvested Grapes

For the very best and freshest taste, you need to drink a wine that comes from hand-harvested grapes; that’s just what you get when you buy from Balistreri Vineyards. The company picks the grapes by hand to make sure they will make a good wine. Most of the vineyards are in Colorado, but some of the grapes come from California; that makes for a rich and quality taste that any wine lover will adore.

Natural and Chemical-Free

Some cheaper wines are packed with chemicals; these are used so that the wine stays fresh for longer while it stays out on shelves and in transit. While this may be good for the company making the wine, it’s not a good thing for consumers – but you don’t have to deal with that if you go to Balistreri Vineyards. All the wines are completely natural, meaning that they don’t use any chemicals. This results in a fresher and cleaner taste that becomes obvious once you take a single sip; however, it may also lead to some settling within the bottle. Simply make sure you don’t disturb the grape sediment when you are pouring your wine, and you will see what a difference drinking a natural wine makes.

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“Orange” White Wines

If you happen to get a white wine at Balistreri, you may notice that it has an orange tint. Most white wine appears yellow in color, but not this kind; that’s because the grapes are fermented on the skins, which is how red wine is made. And since they are not filtered or fined at all, you’ll see that rich color when you pour a glass. It’s absolutely beautiful and is something that every wine lover in Colorado needs to try at least once.

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