Check Out These Haunted Hotels In Denver

Haunted Hotels

Did you know that there are several hotels in Denver that are supposedly haunted? That’s right – and you can even book a room in most of these hotels. Just be warned that you might be signing up for a spooky experience. From locked doors to noises in the middle of the night, you just don’t know what you’re going to encounter. These haunted hotels may not be ideal if you want to stay someplace relaxing and comforting, but they are sure to offer the thrill of a lifetime. Take a look at some of your options and book a room tonight.

The Oxford

The Oxford is Denver’s oldest boutique hotel, and it sure knows how to deliver luxury. From the trendy location to the spa and top-of-the-line amenities, you will have it all when you stay here. However, there are some strange rumors going around the place. Some claim to hear the faucets turning on and off at random, but the strangest part is what happens in Room 320. A woman shot her lover before committing suicide in this room in 1898, and many men who have stayed in the room claim that their bed sheets are pulled off in the middle of the night or experience other odd disturbances. Do you have what it takes to spend the night here?

The Stanley Hotel

You may have heard of The Stanley Hotel before; that’s because it was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” A housekeeper was killed in an explosion at the hotel, and the owner later converted the room she was in into Room 217. Several guests of the room have reported unwanted housekeeping services, including having their luggage put away for them. The King himself stayed in this room when he visited.

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The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa has been open for over 100 years and has enjoyed a steady stream of visitors since its opening. However, in one part of the hotel called the Brown Palace Club, strange occurrences keep happening. Lights will turn on and off by themselves, and it looks like there is something moving under the carpet. Go for yourself and see if you notice anything spooky going on.

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