Hiking Spots Near Denver


When people think of vacationing in Denver, they often think of late winter and early spring. For a lot of people, Denver is a hub for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Those sports are some of our favorites, too, but Colorado is a great place to be outdoors during so much of the year. As we roll from spring into summer, try out some of these easy hiking trails that are in driving distance of Denver, recommended by dahikesneardenver.com.

Mt. Galbraith Loop

This 4.9-mile loop is just a short 25-minute drive from Denver. You can find it just outside Golden. While there’s some elevation change that can make the Mt. Galbraith Loop challenging, especially for beginners, the views are beautiful and will make your effort worth it.

Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park

If you’re looking for beautiful red rocks formations in your hike, you should definitely pay a visit to Roxborough State Park. You’ll need a park pass or day pass to go in, but you’ll love the views once you’re there. The Fountain Valley Trail is a 2.3-mile loop that’s easy and includes some great views. Roxborough State Park is about 45 minutes outside of Denver.

Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks Park

The famous Red Rocks Park is a great place to enjoy a day outdoors in the Denver area. At just a 30-minute drive from Denver, it’s easy to access and has a few different trail options. The Trading Post Trail is a flat 1.4-mile loop that lets you take in the beauty of red rocks formations all around you without the elevation challenges of some other nearby trails.

Emerald Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

If you’re looking to venture out of town a little bit, drive the two hours to Rocky Mountain National Park and take on the Emerald Lake Hike. With stunning views of beautiful lakes and some really different terrain than the other hikes on our list. This hike is 3.6 miles round-trip.

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Meadow & Forest Loop Trails at Lookout Mountain Nature Center

On the other end of the spectrum, Lookout Mountain Park offers two loops that are short, easy introductions to hiking for kids who are new to it or adults who want to take it easy while they get their fresh air. Both loops are under one mile. This family-friendly location is just 30 minutes from Denver, making it the perfect choice for vacationers with young children.

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