Jurassic Quest: See Dinosaurs In Denver

Jurassic Quest

Discover what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth when you make your way to Jurassic Quest. It’s the perfect experience for families who want to learn all about dinosaurs and paleontology. You’ll get to see dinosaurs that look and seem real—some of them can even walk around! Whether you just want to get a closer look at the dinosaurs, or you want to spend time participating in dinosaur-themed activities, Jurassic Quest is the place to be.

Interactive Baby Dinosaurs

Do you and your kids want to see an interactive baby dinosaur in person? You can at the interactive baby dino exhibits. A handler will come around with the little dinos, and you’ll get to learn all about what it was like when they roamed the earth. Your little ones will even get to pet them!

Walking Dinosaurs

Think that dinosaurs no longer walk the earth? Think again. Head on over to the walking dinosaur attraction, and you’ll get to see a huge dinosaur actually walking around. Your kids are going to absolutely love it.

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Dinosaur Activities

There’s so much to do at Jurassic Quest that you really could spend hours there and still not be bored. Go see some of the biggest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth, and then head on over to the fossil dig where your little ones can learn all about what being a paleontologist is like. If you have a crafty kid, they are sure to love the dino-themed crafts. And who doesn’t want to jump around in a dino bounce house? Oh, and you can’t forget the dinosaur rides. Get on the back of a dinosaur and go for a wild ride.

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