Mike Shaw Receives Award From The Latino Leadership Institute

Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw is a man of many talents. He founded Mike Shaw Automotive in Denver in the mid-90s, and the company has since grown into three dealerships stretching to two states. A recent testament to these talents, however, is the fact that just last month he was named the recipient of the Business, Innovation, Science, & Technology award by the Latino Leadership Institute (LLI) Hall of Fame.

About Mike Shaw

Before he became a founder and business owner, Mike Shaw was raised in South Texas, where he graduated from Weslaco High School and then Texas A&M University. It wasn’t until he was in graduate school that he got his first dive into the auto industry. It was here that he discovered his talent and passion.

Because he started from the bottom and worked his way up over the past 50 years, Mike has truly seen every aspect of the industry. This has given him an advantage when it comes to Mike Shaw Automotive because he has seen just how important the role of the community is in a business.

This appreciation and understanding of the community is what sets him apart; he and his wife Nancy believe it is important to contribute time, talent, and treasure to causes and people within the community where they live and work.

Mike and Nancy, who hope to see the next generation continue on with the family business, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year!

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Receiving The Award

On June 26, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the inductees were announced, including Mike Shaw. On October 24, he and the rest of the award recipients will be honored and inducted in the Hall Of Fame at the 2019 Colorado Latino Hall of Fame Gala at the Seawell Grand Ballroom in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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