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Local Coffee Shops to Keep You Warm

Coffee time
Coffee time

It’s absolutely freezing outside. Every time you step out, you’re just searching for ways to get warmer. But nothing warms you up more than a hot beverage. And when you’re getting ready to start your day, a hot cup of coffee is exactly what you need. With so many local coffee shops in the area, you don’t have to stick to a chain. Instead, you can get something delicious and unique and support local business at the same time. Check out these popular coffee shops, and make sure to pick up something extra hot to keep you warm during the winter months.

Allegro Coffee

Visit Allegro Coffee once, and you’ll be going back again and again. That’s because it offers some of the best coffee around. No matter what kind of coffee drink you like to get when you visit a coffee shop, they probably have it here. The atmosphere is also great. You can just grab your cup of coffee and leave, or you can sit around for a while and get some work done. You’ll feel great sitting there, soaking up the atmosphere and getting that caffeine kick you’ve been craving.

Navah Coffee House

Now this is a coffee shop you need to visit. Navah Coffee House is popular because it offers a different atmosphere than a lot of other coffee shops in the area. Everyone here is friendly and kind and will get your order to you right away. You’ll also get a chocolate-covered espresso bean with your coffee order. How delicious is that? But it doesn’t end at coffee. You can get breakfast burritos and other food, smoothies, and even juices. In fact, there’s something here for everyone. Stop by today.

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Ziggi’s Coffee

Ziggi’s Coffee is one of the cutest coffee shops in the area. Choose from plenty of different drinks to get something that will warm you up. Don’t want to get out of your car? No problem. Ziggi’s has a drive-thru, so you can stay in your warm vehicle instead of getting out of the car and facing the cold. In fact, you might just want to stop by every morning.

Of course, you won’t want to stay in your car if your car isn’t warm or doesn’t have the features or comfort you need. If you don’t have the car you want, come see us at Mike Shaw Subaru in Thornton, Colorado. We work hard to get customers just like you great deals on a daily basis. Call, visit our website, or come on in today.

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