Try Some Local Vino in Thornton

Wine Tasting

You know enough about wine to know that not all wine is created equal. Often, the best wine is the wine that’s made locally. Fortunately, you live in Thornton, so you are close to countless local wineries. Stop by one or two to try out some local wine.

Balistreri Vineyards

Let’s begin with the staff at Balistreri Vineyards. This is a far cry from going into a wine shop. The tasting bar is staffed with a sommelier, and there is a vintner-in-training on staff. That means the people here can actually talk wine with you. They can answer your questions and provide some amazing recommendations. They have a lot of great wines to recommend. You can taste 18 wines if you pay for a tasting, and each one is amazing. The reds are really good. They are a little spicy, which is divine. Give the wine a sniff before you taste it. You will catch some peppery hints.

Turquoise Mesa Winery

Turquoise Mesa Winery is another local favorite. You get to choose up to six wines to taste during the tasting, including a dessert wine that is paired with dark chocolate. Be sure to try the Mourvedre and the TRW Reserve during your tasting. Both are phenomenal. Also, take the tour. You’ll see how the wine is made and the quality control measures the winery has in place. It’s really fascinating, and it’ll give you a new appreciation for the winemaking process.

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem isn’t your average winery. Think winery without a vineyard and you get the basic idea of how this place works. The team members here pride themselves on back alley winemaking, and they should be proud. The winemakers do an amazing job and easily create some of the best wine around. There are so many delicious options, but the Cab Franc is a standout. Be sure to take the winery tour to find out what back alley winemaking is. Also, stay for a while and hang out in the bar. While you can get wine on tap, it’s so much more fun to drink it out of the can. That’s right. You can actually drink wine out of the can here. So that’s what back alley winemaking is…

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