Make Plans To See Twenty One Pilots Live

Twenty One Pilots

Feeling a little “Stressed Out” lately? Put your worries off to the side on Nov. 19 by catching Twenty One Pilots at the Pepsi Center. Tickets range from $39.50 to $79.50, and you will seriously get your money’s worth. The duo is known for putting on one of the best live shows around, and they turn fans into superfans during each performance.

Bringing the Hits and Then Some

Twenty One Pilots isn’t the new band on the block anymore. The guys have some albums underneath those ski masks they’re famous for wearing, which means they have more songs to pick from now. They still bring the crowd-pleasing hits, such as “Heathens” and “Jumpsuit,” along with the excellent “Nico and the Niners.” They also play some songs from earlier albums. It’s cool to see the band going back to the vault to pull out some lesser-known but equally good tunes.

Get Ready to Interact

Fans play a big role in the concert. It’s clear that Twenty One Pilots wants to ensure everyone has fun, and that means participation is high on the list. They will ask you to get on your feet and sing along, and you won’t be able to stop yourself. The energy is contagious and isn’t just so positive. These guys don’t have an ounce of cynicism in them, and that’s so refreshing this day and age.

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The Kings of Multitasking

Make no mistake. Twenty One Pilots is all about entertaining, and that often means multitasking. Watch as Josh Dun takes a short break from the drums to do an impressive backflip off a piano while the music keeps thumping.

Not impressed? How about this? Dun has as specially rigged drumkit that he takes out in the crowd. Then, he crowd surfs and plays the drums at the same time, never missing a beat.

Dun isn’t the only multitasking master. His counterpart Tyler Joseph is known to sneak away to meet with fans in the crowd, all without stopping the music. He even snakes off to change clothes without stopping the music. These guys know you want the music to keep playing, and they do not stop.

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