Are You a Cyclist or Looking to Start Cycling? You’ll Want to Attend VeloSwap


If you love cycling, the event of the year is right around the corner. You’ll want to attend VeloSwap on Nov. 3 at the National Western Complex in Denver. This is the biggest cycling expo in the entire world, and 10,000 people are expected to attend. That’s 10,000 cycling enthusiasts looking for bikes and gear from 600 or so vendors.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and tickets are $10 at the door.

What Can You Find?

VeloSwap is the ultimate buy, sell, trade marketplace. You can find new and used bikes, along with tons of gear. But you won’t just find your average gear here. You’ll come across some hard-to-find pieces that will be perfect for the classic bike that you’re fixing up. While the new stuff is cool, it’s the vintage items that really make the VeloSwap experience something special. Who knows. You might even find something for that l’Eroica bike that’s been sitting in the garage for years.

Learn More About Biking

Whether you are new to the world of cycling or you’ve been peddling for the better part of your life, you likely still have a lot to learn. There will be an Education Zone at the event. Stop by to learn how to maintain your bike or get some tips on the best practices for commuting on your bike. The information here is taught by experts, and you’ll feel like an expert by the time you leave.

Explore the Moon

You’ve explored Denver and Thornton on your bike. What about the moon? That’s crazy, right? You can’t exactly throw your bike in a rocket and zoom off to the moon. Maybe not, but it’ll feel like you’ve done just that when you ride the Tour of the Moon course. You’ll hop on a bike and engage in a 3-D simulation of the moon. You’ll be peddling and exploring the moon at the same time. This simulator is so much fun. It even simulates the weather and wind conditions. Oh, and get this. Bkool is donating $1 to Bicycle Colorado for every mile peddled on the simulator. Do your part by peddling for a good cause.

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A Celebration of Bikes

This is just a snapshot of the fun events that will be at VeloSwap. There will be chances to win money and so much more. This is the perfect spot to celebrate your love of bikes.

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