Experience The Water Lantern Festival!

Water lantern

All across the country and throughout cities in every state, the Water Lantern Festival brings together family, friends, and strangers for a magical evening in celebration of life. Now, this inspirational and luminous jubilee is coming to Carpenter Park in Thornton on July 20, and you certainly don’t want to skip it. Read on for more details about the Water Lantern Festival and get purchase your tickets today!

What Is The Water Lantern Festival?

How often do we find ourselves too wrapped up in the stress, struggles, and negativity of the modern world? How often do we lose sight of how truly precious and miraculous life is? Better yet, how many of us focus too much on our failures and stumbles, and not enough on our goals, dreams, and the pursuit of happiness?

The Water Lantern Festival is a time for clarity and perspective. It’s a time to refocus on the shared connection that binds all of us together as humans, find peace with one another, and put some positive energy back into the world.

Here, you’ll enjoy an evening of food and fellowship with your local community. Use this opportunity to spend time with family, reconnect with old friends, or meet someone new! As the sun sets over the festival grounds, each person will be given a floating lamp to decorate with signs and messages of healing, hope, happiness, and love. Then, together, you’ll send them out over the lake in Thornton park in a magically radiant ceremony that’s sure to inspire joy and awe within each and every person in attendance.

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Festival Schedule and Admission

The event will take place from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. From the start of the festival until 9:00 pm, there will be live music, delicious food trucks, games, and more. Lantern decorating starts at 7:30 and the launch will begin at 8:30.

You can purchase tickets online now. From today until July 19th, tickets are $35 a person. However, you can still purchase tickets on the day of the event for $40.  With each ticket, you’ll receive an entry into the festival area, your floating lantern and a marker, a commemorative drawstring bag, and a wristband. Additionally, your ticket price also covers the cost of cleanup after the event. The organizers of the Water Lantern Festival take environmental stewardship very seriously. All lanterns and associated litter will be cleaned up and properly disposed of.

For questions or more information about the Water Lantern Festival, you can visit the festival website or email support@waterlanternfestival.com.


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